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Most Common Federal Crimes That You Need a Lawyer to Handle

Posted by Cade on
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If you are charged with a federal crime, a conviction could result in time behind bars in a federal prison! Anyone who has any experience or knowledge of the criminal justice system will tell you that this is not the prison you want to be inside, as if you want to be in any of them. The following is a list of the most commonly committed federal crimes that could very well land you behind bars. You should not risk your freedom if you’ve been charged with one of these crimes. Make sure you speak to a criminal lawyer Fairfax VA and retain a legal expert to represent you in court!

Drug Charges

A drug charge becomes a federal crime if it is transported across state lines. Even taking it as close as New York or Washington, D.C. is enough to land trafficking charges and facetime in federal prison.

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Most People are unaware that an immigration case is actually a federal crimes case, but it is true. We are battling immigration more than ever and it is imperative to hire an attorney if there are any issues surrounding this matter in your life.

White Collar Crimes

Many white collar crimes exist and they all fall into the federal crimes category. Whether you’ve stolen money from a charity you are the president of, from your employer, or set up a Ponzi scheme, you can be charged with a federal crime as the result.

Weapons Crime

Being caught with a weapon that is not registered, that has been sawed off or otherwise altered, etc. is another example of a federal crime. Mandatory minimum sentences are in place for those convicted of weapons crimes; prepare yourself if you are in this boat.