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How are Workers Injured on the Job?

Posted by Cade on
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Workplace injuries occur far more often than any employer would like to admit. These accidents occur in the blink of an eye and oftentimes result due to employee negligence or machines and tools that are outdated or improperly functioning. Although a variety of workplace injuries exist, some are more commonly experienced than others. Some of the most common injuries on the job include:

·    Burns/Thermal Heat Injuries: More than 1.4 in 10,000 workers are injured due to a burn or thermal heat injury. That is over 15,000 injuries each year, tallying over 96,000 lost days of work!

·    Puncture Wounds: A puncture wound is another common type of workplace injury. There are around 17,000 of these accidents at the workplace each year. A variety of sources can puncture the skin.

·    Concussions: About 18,000 concussions occur on the job each year. These concussions are caused by various types of contact with tools and machinery and usually results from a hit or object falling.

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·    Lacerations: Over 86,000 laceration cases are reported at the workplace every year. These injuries caused more than 259,000 lost days of work! This is one of the most common of all of the injuries occurring at work.

·    Fractures: Another common workplace injury is fractures. A reported 95,000 fracture-related injuries are reported each year. This causes an average of 3 million lost days at work.

If you have experienced any of the injuries above, you should talk to a work related injury lawyer Hillsboro OR. There is no cost to set up a consultation to learn the next steps best for you to take. Remember, you do have rights if you are injured on the job and seeking justice is part of those rights.